why volunteer?

Caring for equine animals is a time consuming and expensive endeavour but there's no limit to how many animals we can save. Whether it's at our sanctuary or finding them a good home, with a little extra help from you we can do so much more.  Aside from donations and sponsoring, volunteering at the Backwater Sanctuary is welcomed and encouraged. 

We like to make sure that every animal we rescue gets the proper care and attention they deserve. Should you wish to volunteer, you can opt to stay at The Bison Resort (subject to availability) as our sanctuary can be quite tricky to get to. 

There are certain guidelines and rules that must be followed when volunteering, to ensure the safety and comfort of both our volunteers as well as the animals in our care.

On arrival, you will receive a short briefing from Zoha following which you will be asked to sign a volunteer waver, agreeing to our terms and conditions. 

As a volunteer you will learn about the rescues, what it takes to care for them and how you can help. This includes washing the animals when needed, cleaning and dressing (and redressing) wounds, daily grooming sessions, daily turn outs, feeding, exercising and most importantly spending time with and loving these gorgeous creatures. 


While our new stables are being built, volunteers can also help with handy work such as landscaping, fencing, general upkeep and painting. 

In addition to simple chores, we could also use your help with creating awareness, building outreach, marketing and fund raising.

Please note all costs associated with volunteering (food, stay etc) must be covered by you. 

Should you wish to volunteer with us, please fill in the form below. 

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