equine rescue & rehabilitation


Sponsoring an animal is the perfect way for you to become personally involved in our rescue operations. Love and support your favourite rescue and help us to continue saving the lives of more mistreated animals.


Donations in any form, whether  monetary or donating much needed horse and pony supplies (please refer to our list of equine essentials in the Donate Page), your contribution is sincerely appreciated.  


Stay at The Bison Resort and spend quality one-on-one time with our rescues. Learn about their upkeep and fall in love with their personalities. Our rescues can use all the extra love and cuddles you have to give.  


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Our Story

Founded by Zoha Jung Nambiar in 2018, The Backwater Sanctuary is a non profit, committed to the successful rehabilitation of horses, ponies & donkeys suffering from abandonment, abuse or neglect, and to provide them with a safe home for retirement.

Through the Sanctuary and with the help of our rescues, we hope to increase public awareness of the level of abuse of equines in India.