The Backwater Sanctuary is located on the backwaters of Kabini, on the border of Karnataka and Kerala.

With the support of the top Equine Vets and Experts in the country, Zoha Jung, our founder, dedicates her life to ensuring every rescue at the sanctuary is given the best care possible. From carefully thought out/calculated feed and feeding schedules (including supplements based on weight and condition), paddock placement (social interactions being crucial in successful rehabilitation) medical treatment, vaccinations/deworming schedules, grooming, dental and farrier work, to alternative methods of healing including Equine Craniosacral therapy, Reiki and Homeopathy, when it comes to our rescues we believe in a holistic approach to Equine Wellness.

Our philosophy, quite simply, is to do everything in our power to ensure every animal that comes our way has a fighting chance.

With minimal human interference and plenty of space and time to heal, it’s our hope that our rescues will regain their freedom and happiness while we ensure their safety and security, always.

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Actively involved in her family business of safari operations, Zoha has spent most of her life in the wilderness of India & Africa, surrounded by animals, both domestic and wild.

She dabbled in equitation at a young age and consequently developed a deep love for horses.

Driven by her passion for animals and all things equine, Zoha founded The Backwater Sanctuary early in 2018.

With her decades worth of experience around horses and knowledge on equines today, Zoha personally treats and rehabilitates every rescue at the Sanctuary.

A wildlifer and animal lover at heart, Zoha is also the founding trustee of The Buffer Conflict Resolution Trust of India (BCRTI), a non profit that focuses on wildlife conservation and conflict resolution in the buffer zones of South India.



johnny nambiar


With a degree in mechanical engineering from The University of Surrey,  Johnny plays an active role in running his family business.

Though a corporate man by occupation, Johnny spends most of his time off at The Bison Resort, helping out at The Backwater Sanctuary and maintaining his backwater organic garden.

Johnny & Zoha together have personally funded the set up of the Sanctuary and it is his undying support and push that finally got the ball rolling in this gorgeous endeavour. 


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Without The Bison Resort there would be no Backwater Sanctuary. The Bison Resort has provided a foothold for the Sanctuary and allowed us the use of their land for all our grazing needs. It is with the added support of Saad Bin Jung (CEO), Ali Shaaz Jung (MD) & Sangeeta Jung (Overall Boss)  that our animal rescue efforts thus far have been successful. 



Our primary caretaker, Abhi is brilliant with the horses having worked closely with Zoha over the last year. He is now familiar with all our rescues, who trust him infinitely in return. Abhi has learned to give injections and can properly treat all wounds himself, making him an invaluable asset at the sanctuary.