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Africa was a beautiful 16hh thoroughbred mare. She was 9 years old when we got her, also an Ex-race horse and a jumper, she was retired early and bought by a rich family and then neglected. She was locked in his stable with no food, water or exercise for days on end.

She was rescued on 23rd August 2018. When she arrived at the sanctuary she was extremely malnourished and filthy. She had numerous wounds and her hind legs are both swollen from lack of blood circulation. She hadn't been washed or groomed for  for months and had crusted urine and poo stuck to her otherwise gorgeous coat. 

Due to her poor upkeep and diet in the past, Africa’s body was far too weak. She soon developed colic and despite our unending love, care and support, Afri passed on.

Africa was too beautiful for this world. She now rests peacefully on the backwaters, forever wild and free.