Say hello to our newest and littlest addition, the cutest little filly around, Amelie! Born September 30th 2018 at 11:40 am.

This little one wasn’t expected for another couple weeks at least, so she was a premature foal, very tiny and very weak. She should have been up on her feet an hour after being born, and nursing soon after. Unfortunately she wasn’t able to stand without support for a good 8 hours nor was she nursing. We tried to hold her up to the mums teat but she wouldn’t latch on. As a last resort we collected Piper’s milk hoping she’d drink from a bottle at least. The first milk, or colostrum, is extremely important for the foal as it’s filled with antibodies to help fight infections. Luckily she took to the bottle. The first 24 hours were crucial, she needed to be bottle fed every twenty minutes, day and night. We managed and she made it!

It’s only right that the first Backwater born baby has a heart on her forehead. A true representation of what we believe in here; Love.

She is now a gorgeous, healthy little Filly, full of happiness, life and love.