DonkeyKong, also a miniature donkey, was part of the donkey drove that we found abandoned on the side of the highway near Mysore. We had been looking for another donkey for LegStump (they can get quite lonely and unhappy without companions) and so we kept an eye on Kong and the other two for a few days. Unfortunately or fortunately, no one claimed ownership of them. So we brought them all home! 

DonkeyKong is the biggest of the lot, with a beautiful brown coat and gorgeous doe eyes. He's quite possessive of Peach and always makes sure LegStump doesn't get too close!

Donkey skin is currently in high demand in China. In the last decade alone the value of these skins has sky rocketed leading to an unprecedented illicit global trade, making them more valuable dead than alive.

Abandoned donkeys, like DonkeyKong, are prime targets in this illegal trade. We need to work together to protect them. 















LegStump meeting the other donkeys for the first time. There was some tension at first but now they get along just fine.