equine craniosacral therapy

Alternative & Holistic therapies are based off the intention to work with the body in a 'Holistic way'. This means that all angles and layers are taken into account. Ie - Physical, mental and emotional. Craniosacral Therapy is an extremely light hands on way of working with the Craniosacral System within the body which exists within but is not restricted to the Cranium (head), Spinal Chord, and Sacrum (last bone of the spine). The practitioner accesses this system through the power of his / her intention and aims to bring movement back to places of injury / trauma. 

Domesticated horses, especially those in work, are regularly exposed to a variety of external influences which can cause the body to come out of alignment. On a daily basis we see causes such as: ill fitting tack, pull backs, improper feeding, bad dentistry, falls, accidents during transit/ in the field, injuries from contact during competition (especially Polo, Show Jumping, Cross country, Racing). In Craniosacral Work, we honour the fact that bodily structures are deeply connected. This means that when one part of the body is out of balance, there will be other conjoining parts which are also out due to their immediate compensatory relationship with the original trauma. With horses, a large majority of these imbalances occur at the cranium, thus the importance of Craniosacral therapy within the Equine world.