Hannibal is a stunning 10 year old, 17 hh thoroughbred gelding. He's the alpha male of the herd, formerly known as leader! Hannibal is amazingly protective over his companion, Zelda, never losing sight of her.

Hannibal was an ex race horse who was bought by a rich family and then neglected. He was locked in his stable with no food, water or exercise for days on end.

He was rescued on 23rd August 2018. When he arrived at the sanctuary he was extremely malnourished and filthy. He hadn't been washed or groomed for  for months and had crusted urine and poo stuck to his coat. His tummy was unusually bloated as well, another sign of malnutrition. 

When he first arrived, Hannibal’s teeth were a mess, no surprises there given how neglected he was. This was one of the reasons why despite slowly increasing his feed, he wasn’t putting on weight as fast as we’d hoped (with bad teeth, horses are unable to chew properly and digestion is compromised). In February, he got his teeth rasped.

Also, when horses are starved for long periods of time, the acidity build up increases the risk of stomach ulcers. Another reason why weight gain is slow. Hannibal has now completed his prescribed month’s course of stomach ulcer medication (Pantosec).

After the required dental work, medication and slowly increasing his diet, in just a couple of months Hannibal has put on a good amount of weight. Give it another month or so and he will no longer be under, which is super exciting!

Feed: We’ve calculated Hannibal’s diet based on his estimated weight and body condition. His diet currently includes 85% dried oats,15% bran mash, boiled groundnut cake (high in protein to help weigh gain), rock salt (mineral supplement) and a Himalayan powder, brilliant for digestion.

He’s really on the mend now, his coat, dull and dirty before is now starting to get some shine, another sign of improving health. We can’t wait to see this beauty, fully recovered and in all his glory!