Hannibal is a stunning 10 year old, 17 hh thoroughbred gelding. He's the alpha male of the group, formerly known as leader! Hannibal is amazingly protective over his mares, never losing sight of them. He was an ex race horse who was bought by a rich family and then neglected. He was locked in his stable with no food, water or exercise for days on end.

He was rescued on 23rd August 2018. When he arrived at the sanctuary he was extremely malnourished and filthy. He hadn't been washed or groomed for  for months and had crusted urine and poo stuck to his otherwise gorgeous coat. His tummy was unusually bloated, another sign of malnutrition. 

He's now on the required feed of oats and bran with added supplements. He's free to roam day and night and never stops grazing.

He should be healthy in no time. He is wildly beautiful with his beautiful flowing mane and tail. There isn't a home more suitable home him than with us in the wilderness, where he will forever roam free.