Introducing the sweetest and most adorable 3-legged miniature donkey you will ever have the pleasure of meeting. Leg-Stump was brought to The Backwater Sanctuary on 4th May 2018. We found him on the side of the highway hobbling on 3 legs.

He was so sweet natured and so utterly gorgeous that we fell in love with him instantly. After many calls and many conversations, we were finally given the green light to bring him home.

The story about his leg is heartbreaking - the local village people were burning waste on the side of the road and he accidentally stepped into a pool of burning plastic. His right leg caught on fire and melted his hoof nearly clean off, leaving an awkward stump behind. He may be slightly disabled but as long as we can provide a safe and comfortable environment for him, there’s no reason at all why he won’t live a happy life.



Donkey skin is currently in high demand in China. In the last decade alone the value of these skins has sky rocketed leading to an unprecedented illicit global trade. Donkey hide is used to make gelatine for medicines, making them more valuable dead than alive.

Abandoned donkeys, like Legstump, are prime targets in this illegal trade. We need to work together to protect them. 


Over the last few weeks LegStump has come into his own and developed a curiously quirky personality. He loves to explore and is lightning fast, often jumping little trenches and sneaking around the horses. Nothing can stop this little 3 legged gem.

We are currently in process of 3D printing a prosthetic brace to help even the weight on both shoulders - anything to make him most comfortable.