luigi, Peach & Donkeykong

Luigi is our littlest miniature donkey, just 3 years old. We found him along with Peach and DonkeyKong, abandoned on the side of the highway near Mysore. Unlike LegStump, these donkeys, especially Luigi, are quit weary of humans, a clear indication that they were mishandled before we found them.

DonkeyKong is the biggest of the lot, with a beautiful brown coat and gorgeous doe eyes. He's quite possessive of Peach and always makes sure LegStump doesn't get too close!

Peach is has a gorgeous little face and a personality to match. She's also our first Jenny. Being the only female amongst our three Jacks, Peach is quite obviously the leader of the pack. Where she goes, the others go. She's quite the explorer and occasionally sneaks out into the backwaters, taking the boys with her. She loves to graze along the lake while playfully evading all attempts to catch her. Eventually they return home to the safety of the Sanctuary and settle in for the night, snuggled up warm and happy.

The three seem healthy enough now and with an abundance of fresh grass & water, they’ve settled in just fine.

Donkey skin is currently in high demand in China. In the last decade alone the value of these skins has sky rocketed leading to an unprecedented illicit global trade, making them more valuable dead than alive.

Abandoned donkeys, like Luigi, are prime targets in this illegal trade. We need to work together to protect them.