Pickett was rescued in September 2018, along with Sawyer and Piper, from the same owner on the roadside in Bangalore.

Zoha took them all into her home in the city until their paddock/stables were ready at the sanctuary. They arrived at their forever home a few days later.

When we first saw Pickett, his coat was dull and covered with old wounds and scars.

He was terrified of everyone and everything but was still the sweetest little pony, always did as he was asked.

Now its a different story! He’s filled out beautifully and literally looks twice his size - it could be the new found confidence and the way he carries himself now days too. He’s transformed from the shy lifeless little pony he once was into this beautiful, powerful beast. With his newfound freedom, he’s taken complete advantage and is full of life and love.


Millie brings out the child in him as they chase each other around the paddock and gallop happily through the water sprinklers. He’s as wild as can be, so much so he refuses to deal with humans anymore. And we don’t blame him! The first time we tried to get his hooves done, he lashed out and kicked the farrier and nearly Abhi (our caretaker) when they tried to get a hold of him.

With his growing strength and confidence he has no problem fighting back, which actually leaves us very proud!

He is doing absolutely brilliantly now, his coat is fantastic and he’s put on a good amount of weight. He looks like a perfectly healthy, beautiful buckskin pony, completely unrecognisable from what he was when he first arrived.

He’s still very shy/skittish around people but slowly getting better.

He’s found a special forever friend in Millie. The two together are now inseparable and love to gallop through the sprinklers and chase each other happily.

If he isn’t around Millie you’ll see him with Sawyer or Gambit, happily lost in his world of green grass and freedom.