This little angel, a beautiful palomino pony, was brought to us at 2 am on 25th March 2018. Her  previous owners had deliberately brought her in late at night to hide the awful state she was in. Transported on the back of a pick up truck, she was roped down tightly on her side, unable to get up or even move.

The trauma of the journey had taken a toll on her. Her left eye was extremely swollen and bruised (human inflicted), she had a deep hole in her leg which was badly infected and leaking puss (we believe a nail had pierced through) and severe rope burns on all four legs.  She was weak, traumatised and in a lot of pain.


A heart-breaking case of pure neglect and abuse. For the first few days she couldn’t stand on her own and would quickly collapse without support.

The real reason Savannah recovered so quickly was because she had Tsavo with her the entire time. It was through their interaction that we learned to never underestimate the importance of companionship/social needs of equines.

It took months and an immense amount of love, care and a bucket load of emotional strength (from her, Tsavo and us) to bring her back to her beautiful self.

Savannah is now the angel of our Sanctuary. Though elderly, she keeps up with Tsavo’s antics (albeit in slow motion).

The injury on her eye unfortunately damaged her frontal lobe, resulting in minor neurological issues. Every now and then Savannah will have seizures, which is heartbreaking to deal with and never gets easier.

Otherwise, she’s perfectly healthy for her age and loves to roam the backwaters wild and free with her Tsavo.

Feed: We’ve calculated Savannah’s diet based on her estimated weight and body condition. Her diet currently includes 85% dried oats,15% bran mash, boiled groundnut cake (high in protein), sprouts (high in amino acids), rock salt (mineral supplement) and a Himalayan powder, brilliant for digestion.




Savannah has found her life long companion in Tsavo and the two are inseparable. They enjoy daily adventures on the backwaters together, happy wild and free. The video below covers Savannah's journey from the day she arrived to now.